Human Anatomy: Challenge

This is a rather short essay, but a good thought experiment that you can challenge your friends & family with. It came about during a discussion i had with an atheist.

Assume that you had a very powerful and amazing machine that could move any part of the human body/anatomy to another location. It could be the bones, eyes, ear, brain, lungs, fingers or whatever you choose. Is there any part of the human anatomy or any part of the human body that would be better placed in a different position to where it is now?

If there is, please let us know.

If there is not, then the natural question from this would be, what does this imply?

* The only exception to this thought experiment is that you cannot add/takeaway body parts. For example, you cannot have more eyes or remove the nose. You can for example, rearrange the eyes how you wish, to see if you can make the human being more better, from a design and functional perspective.

** I have yet to come across a doctor who has been able to offer a suitable suggestion.

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