Back to the future!

In western medicine, once a person dies, it is considered the end of that person’s life in the physiological and psychological sense. The heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing through the vessels and all the major organs stop and perish. Memories and the ‘personality’ of the individual also cease to exist.

However, in some life beliefs there is the view that once a person dies, the soul continues and it is transported to an alternative reality to the one which we are currently in. Here western medicine draws a line, there is no such thing. After all, why should there be, we seem to have no tangible proof. No one has physically returned years after their death and brought us a message from life after death, so to speak.

So in this big dilemma, lies a fascinating thought experiment. I invite you to join me on this one.

Let us imagine for a moment that I was magical being that could travel into any dimension and any place, anywhere in the world. Let us also imagine I could communicate with any living creature.

Now let us imagine that I travel to the day before you were born and visit you, inside your mother’s womb. I decide to strike up a conversation with you, whilst you are floating around in the amniotic fluid. It may go a little like this

Me: Hi there, how are you?

You: Good thank you

Me: What are you doing?

You: Nothing much, just resting.

Me: I see. What is it like here?

You: It’s warm and I’m well fed through this pipe in my tummy.

Me: Sounds nice, you must be very comfortable?

You: Yes, I am.

Me: Can you tell anything more about your environment?

You: Well yes, it’s very dark, I cannot see anything. It feels watery and sometimes I feel like I am moving around.

Me: I see. Do you know of anything apart from this?

You: Well no, this is all I have known since I can remember.

Me: I see. Is this all that exists that you know of?

You: Yes, I don’t know of anything else, this must be everything then.

Me: Well how do you feel if I tell you that tomorrow all of this will be gone?

You: I don’t think I would believe you.

Me: What if I told you that you will be pulled out from here by a large pair of hands and then the tube to your tummy shall be cut and you shall be made to feed through your mouth?

You: Don’t be silly, that’ll never happen.

Me: Perhaps, but there is more. How will you feel if i tell you that you will feel cold air against your skin and that you will see ‘light’ for the first time and that you will hear strange noises?

You: Don’t be ridiculous, what ever are you talking about?

Me: Yes and you’ll also see ‘beings’ that are like you, but bigger than you, they will give you ‘clothes’ to dress you.

You: Rubbish!

Me: It’s a lot to take in isn’t it?

You: Well show me the proof?

Me: Well it’s difficult, because everyone who leaves here, never comes back here, but soon you’ll see.

I hope this thought experiment may open some thinking into the 2 extremes of life, birth and death.

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